Account cancellation agreement
[Important]After you log off yourBefore account, please fully read, understand and agree to the following matters:
[Special Note]The cancellation of the account is an unrecoverable operation. After the account is cancelled, you will no longer be able to use thisAccount or retrieve any content or information you browse, follow, add, or bind, (even if you use the same mobile phone number to register again and use ). Please make sure that you are applying for cancellation he account should be yours in accordance with User Agreement》 the account created by the company and provided to you by the company.You should log out in accordance with the procedures specified by the company or the prompts on the website account number.It is recommended that you back up by yourself before logging out all information related to the account , And please confirm that all services related to this account have been properly handled. After the logout is complete,Your personal information will be deleted or anonymized (except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations). Please be aware and understand that in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, relevant log records will be retained for no less than 6 months.

1.We deeply regret your decision to cancel your account. If you still decide to continue the account cancellation, your account must meet the following conditions at the same time:

1.1The account is in a safe state: the account is in normal use and there is no risk of theft.
1.2Account virtual service assets have been settled, and there are no unfinished or disputed services: virtual gifts, gold coins or VIP members;
1.3The account has no outstanding disputes, including complaints or reports.

2.After the account is logged out, you will not be able to log in and use this account, and you will also not be able to retrieve this account and account-related accounts Any content or information, including but not limited to:

2.1.Account information submitted by individuals, mutual following friends and other information.
2.2.Content data of clubs, fans, and followers that have been created or joined.
2.3.The records related to the use of this account cannot be retrieved. You will no longer be able to log in and use the above services, and the assets or virtual rights and other property benefits you have obtained through the above services will be deemed to have been given up by you, and you will not be able to continue using them. You understand and agree that cannot assist you to restore the above services.
2.4.The virtual assets gold coins, gifts, VIP members and other information in the account will be invalidated and deleted. Please confirm that there are no assets or virtual rights in the account. The asset virtual rights and other property benefits you have obtained are deemed to be waived by you and will not be able to continue to be used. You understand and agree that you will give up the assets or rights of , cannot assist you in restoring the above services, nor can you retrieve any content or information related to your account.

3. Account cancellation will result in the termination of our company’s service to you, according to User Agreement》 and《Privacy Policy》 The rights and obligations of the parties agreed upon are terminated, except for those that cannot be terminated in accordance with laws and regulations, other terms on this page, or that cannot be terminated due to their nature.

4.During the cancellation of your account, if your account is involved in disputes, including but not limited to: complaints, reports, litigation, arbitration, investigations by state authorities, etc. you understand and agree that has the right to decide on its own whether to terminate the cancellation of this account without obtaining your consent.

5.The cancellation of this account does not mean that the account behavior and related responsibilities before the account is cancelled are exempted or mitigated.