VIP Member Service Agreement
Welcome to use VIP membership service!
In order to use the VIP membership service (referred to as: this service), please carefully read, understand and abide by the " VIP Member Service Agreement" (referred to as this agreement) .
This agreement is jointly concluded by you and (abbreviated as: ), and has the effect of a contract. reminds you that please focus and carefully read the terms in this agreement that are bolded, underlined, color marked or in other reasonable ways to remind you of your attention. These terms may have a major interest in your rights, including but It is not limited to the relevant clauses stipulating responsibilities, the clauses stipulating the rights and obligations of both parties, the stipulating dispute resolution methods and the judicial jurisdiction clauses, etc. If you believe that these terms may cause damage to some or all of your interests or rights under certain circumstances, please be sure to read the foregoing terms again before confirming your agreement to this agreement or before using this service, and accept these terms voluntarily Use this service under the premise of.
  If you choose the VIP membership service, you can accept the service in the form (including but not limited to click to agree, accept or next step, enter the purchase procedure, and check the content of Make any purchase/gift, conduct or participate in any transaction or activity related to this service, adopt any other form of confirmation operation, hereinafter collectively referred to as: the form of accepting the service) indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to sign this agreement, which means that you and has reached an agreement and voluntarily accepts and abides by all the provisions of this agreement.

1. [Definition and description of the agreement]

  1.1 [ VIP members and account numbers]

  If you need to use and enjoy the VIP membership service, you need to use your mobile phone number to register or log in on . After logging in, the mobile phone number becomes your " account", after logging in, you can use the VIP membership card to recharge the membership time of the account. After the recharge is successful, your The account is the "VIP account" during the validity period of the member time, and you enjoy the corresponding membership rights during the validity period of the member time. You are VIP member. VIP members under this agreement are also called "you", "users" or "members".

  1.2 [ VIP Member Service (referred to as: this service)]

VIP membership service, that is, VIP members can enjoy exclusive VIP membership rights in the application and Special services, and will enjoy some of the special benefits of , including but not limited to unlimited creation of clubs, unlimited joining of clubs, etc. The specific content is described in the "VIP privileges" page of allow.

  1.3 [ VIP membership rules]

  Also need your special attention, service providers will publish and revise the user rules, activity rules, usage rules, announcements, tips, Notification and online FAQ and other content. will be released through system prompts and/or information pushes and/or background announcements, etc. The above content will become effective as soon as it is officially released and is an integral part of this agreement.

  1.4 [VIP Member Service Provider]

  The service provider refers to the that provides and its services to you, which is referred to as "" in this agreement.

  1.5 [User data]

 The user data refers to the various data recorded by the server during your use of this service, including but not limited to login records, virtual gift data, operation behavior logs, purchase logs, recharge records, purchase records, and payment records , Gifts, membership period, member assets and other data.

  1.6 [Agreement modification]

may revise this agreement (amendments include changes, additions, and reductions of the corresponding clauses) for business needs, copyright owners' requirements, laws and regulations, and notifications from competent authorities. Once this agreement is modified, will publish it through system prompts and/or information push and/or background announcements. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions about the modification of this agreement, you can stop using this service and consult customer service. But you need to remind you that the updated agreement will take effect from the date of release of the updated version.

  1.7 [Principles of Use]

  When you use VIP membership services, you should abide by laws and regulations, including but not limited to the "Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China", "Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China", "Computer Information System of the People's Republic of China" Regulations on Security Protection, Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software, Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Dissemination of Information Networks and other laws and regulations related to computers and the Internet; public order should be observed, public order and good customs should be respected, network security should not be endangered, and the network should not be used to endanger the country Security, honor and interests, inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting division of the country, undermining national unity, advocating terrorism and extremism, advocating ethnic hatred and discrimination, spreading violence, obscene and pornographic information, fabricating and disseminating false information Activities that disrupt economic order and social order, as well as infringe on the reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others. In any case, once n reasonably believes that the user has the above behavior, out of the necessity of maintaining network security, public order, etc., it can terminate the provision of services to the user at any time without prior notice.

2. []VIP member account management and us

2.1 [Login and logout]

  After you are authorized to log in to your VIP member account on a device, t he software on the device will always be your VIP The account provides services for the object. If you do not want to keep relevant data records or want to use other devices to enjoy VIP membership services, please choose to log out after using it (see 2.4 below for details).
  If you need to cancel the VIP account, you need to cancel the account, please refer to" Account Cancellation Agreement" And follow the instructions to complete the relevant operations.

  After logging in, you can div user data such as the opened service period.

  2.2 [Account management]

  2.2.1 Please correctly use, properly keep and maintain your VIP account and password. If there is any leakage, loss, theft, etc., and such behavior is not caused by legal fault, all The loss will be borne by you;
  2.2.2 For the sake of maintaining the security of your account, you hereby grant the right to protect your account security. can (but is not obliged) to use different methods to safely use your account on a regular or irregular basis. Inspection and verification, including but not limited to actively contacting you for identity verification, short message verification, email verification, etc. If you are unable to complete the verification or refuse to verify without proper reason, will reasonably suspect that your account is abnormal or stolen. Due to the necessity of account security protection, may suspend the provision of services to the account and/or take further measures.

  2.3 [Rules of Use]

  2.3.1 [Legal acquisition and use]
  (1) VIP membership services are limited to your use within the platform. Any illegal means such as cracking, translation, transcription, etc. will be used to combine services with The behavior of platform separation does not belong to the VIP membership service agreed in this agreement. reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibilities and claims of the infringer.
  (2)Any VIP member services (including but not limited to purchase, rent, borrow, share, transfer, etc.) obtained through theft, exploiting system vulnerabilities, or through any non- official or authorized means ), malicious use or destruction of membership services obtained by VIP membership activities are illegal acts and are not protected under this agreement. has the right to cancel and/or not to To provide VIP membership services, all losses and responsibilities incurred shall be borne by the infringer.
  (3)When using VIP membership services and/or participating in related activities, you should do so through the official announcement/authorization of . If users illegally obtain VIP membership services through any other channel, any means, or any method, it is an illegal act and does not receive the relevant protection under this agreement. And once discovered, has the right to immediately delete, cancel, clear, etc. related services, or take other account management measures such as suspending or terminating the provision of services to the user. All losses and liabilities arising therefrom shall be The infringer shall bear the responsibility.
  (4)When you participate in member activities, you should follow the rules of the activity and proceed in a way that is legal and does not harm the interests of the event organizer. If users take advantage of system vulnerabilities, rule setting defects, system setting errors, abuse of membership status, etc., to participate in activities and obtain related benefits, they are all illegal behaviors and are not protected under this agreement, and has The right to take relevant measures to deal with, all the losses and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the infringer.
  (5)When you use this service, you should abide by national laws, regulations, policies, and usage rules issued by , including but not limited to gift-giving and recharge restrictions and requirements.
  2.3.2 [Proprietary and non-commercial use]
  (1) VIP membership service is based on the premise that you abide by this agreement and related laws, regulations, policies, public order and good customs, etc., will give you a personal, non-transferable, non-commercial use , Revocable, time-limited and non-exclusive license. You can only use it for non-commercial purposes and only for personal diving.
  (2)You understand and agree that you shall not provide the account that enjoys the VIP membership service to others in any way, including but not limited to the prohibition of transferring, renting, borrowing, Share, sell, and other methods for others to use. Otherwise, any legal consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you, and has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to you.
  2.3.3 [Ownership of rights]
 You understand and acknowledge: You only have the right to use the VIP services and products under the VIP member account that you have legally obtained. The ownership and intellectual property rights of the above services and products and their derivatives belong to L. New ownership. The data generated by the above-mentioned services and products belong to , but the relevant rules concerning personal privacy are detailed in Privacy Policy》 agreement.

  2.4 [Sign out]

  If you need to log out, you can click "Log out" in "My-Settings".

3. [VIP Member Service Special Agreement]

  3.1 [Join unlimited clubs]

  After you activate this service, you can join any club you want to join in the platform within the validity period of the membership period.

3.2 [Create unlimited clubs]

  After you activate this service, you can create related clubs in the platform according to your needs within the validity period of the membership duration.

  3.3 [Equipment and system differences]

  After you activate this service through official channels, there may be differences in the specific services you can actually use due to differences in the software version, equipment, operating system, etc. you use, or other third-party reasons. For the inconvenience you have caused, you understand and agree to exempt from related responsibilities.

  3.4 [About charges]

  This service is a paid service provided by . You must pay the corresponding fees in accordance with the charging standards of this service before you can use this service.
  According to the overall plan of this service, changes in copyright purchase prices, etc., may conduct relevant rights and interests rules, member names, membership types, charging standards (membership packages), methods (hereinafter referred to as "service rules"), etc. of this service. Adjustments (adjustments include changes, cancellations, reductions, and additions to the corresponding content, the same below). Regarding the aforementioned adjustments, will notify you in advance on the corresponding service page or in other reasonable ways.

  3.5 [Payment]

  3.5.1 You should pay the fees through the existing method (Apple Pay) specified by or the method specified by in the future. After the payment is completed, except for legal circumstances, no transfer or refund request is allowed.
  3.5.2 You may not activate this service for yourself or others in any of the following ways:
  (1)Open this service for yourself or others for non-personal use purposes such as profit, business, etc.;
  (2)Open this service for yourself or others through any program or software method such as robot software, spider software, crawler software, and refreshing software;
  (3)Use any improper means or violate the principle of good faith to open this service for yourself or others;
  (4)Activate this service for yourself or others through a method not specified by ;
  (5)Activate this service for yourself or others by infringing on the legal rights of or others;
  (6)Open this service for yourself or others through other methods that violate this agreement or related laws, administrative regulations, and national policies.

3.6 [Service Term]

  3.6.1 The term of this service is subject to the term you choose and successfully pay the corresponding service fee. You can also log on to the VIP center or the corresponding page of this service to inquire. This period will not be extended due to your non-use or other actions. If the membership service expires without renewal, we will stop serving you. If you use the automatic renewal service, after each billing period expires, the deduction will automatically extend the corresponding service period; if the deduction is unsuccessful, the membership service will be deemed to have expired and the service will be stopped.
  3.6.2 The maximum period for the activation of this service will be subject to certain restrictions (currently the maximum limit is December 31, 2099), and the details are subject to the announcement on the relevant service page.
  3.6.3 Please understand that during the service period of this service, due to the particularity of the Internet service, there may be situations that may affect your normal use of the service, which may not be caused by the deliberate behavior of (Including but not limited to troubleshooting, server repairs, adjustments, upgrades, handling of third-party infringements, etc.), will try to minimize the impact of such situations on you. You understand and agree that does not need to be liable for the adverse consequences arising from the above circumstances, and does not require to make additional compensation.
  3.6.4 The term of this service (membership package) may also be adjusted according to the operation status of , will be posted on the corresponding service page or in other reasonable ways in advance Notify you so that you can switch packages or use related services as soon as possible before expiration.

  3.7 [Usage Guidelines]

  3.7.1 Any user or third party shall not use this service to conduct any behavior that infringes on and any third party's intellectual property rights, property rights, reputation rights and other legal rights;
  3.7.2 This service is a fee-based service. It uses any means to infringe or destroy collection of fees. reserves the right to pursue the perpetrator’s responsibility and claim compensation;
  3.7.3 Any user or third party shall not use this service to conduct any acts that harm or are suspected of harming minors;
  3.7.4 Any user or third party shall not use this service to engage in any behavior that violates laws, regulations, policies, public order and good customs, social ethics, etc.;
  3.7.5 You fully understand and agree that you must be responsible for all actions under your login account, including but not limited to any content you publish and any consequences arising therefrom. You should make your own judgment on the content of this service and bear all risks arising from the use of the content, including the risks arising from the reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicality of the content.

  3.8 [Special tips on VIP membership rights]

  You understand and agree that, due to the different product technologies of the device terminal you use, the rights and benefits of VIP members may differ in different terminals.

4. [Collection, Use and Protection of Member’s Personal Information]

  4.1 You fully understand and agree that: has the right to collect your information for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement under the principle of lawfulness, fairness, necessity and good faith, including the information under your account User data and other information such as your mobile phone number that you actively fill in or provided to while using the service, or is required based on account security, user experience optimization and other considerations The collected information, collection of your information will comply with the provisions of this agreement, related privacy policies and the "Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws.

  4.2 In addition to other provisions in this agreement, has the right to use and dispose of user data generated and collected during the provision of this service within the necessary limits, and take reasonable security guarantees Measures to protect data security. Without the permission of any third party shall not use illegal means such as crawling to obtain relevant data.

  4.3 strives to provide your information with a full life cycle security guarantee, and will use various security protection measures within a reasonable security level to prevent information loss, improper use, and unauthorized use. Authorize access or disclosure.

  4.4 You should fully respect the personal information of any person, including but not limited to other users, that you understand, receive, or have access to through and related services. You should not The personal information of other users shall be collected, copied, stored, disseminated or used in any other way; otherwise, the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by you.

  4.5 Protecting your information and privacy is a basic principle of . Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, the collection, use and protection of your information by VIP member services will follow the unified announcement of Privacy Policy》

5. [Liability for breach of contract]

  5.1 During your use of this service, if the following behaviors occur, you will be deemed a breach of contract, please pay special attention:

  5.1.1 Violation of this agreement;
  5.1.2 Violation of laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any legally effective norms and regulations;
  5.1.3 destroys or affects provision of this service to any third party;
  5.1.4 Conduct acts that endanger computer network security;
  5.1.5 adversely affect the services and activities of this agreement provided by and associated third parties (including licensors and partners), infringe and/or associate third parties and/or other users Of legitimate interests;
  5.1.6 The lawful rights and interests of any third party determined by the relevant department;
  5.1.7 The use of this service to obtain illegal benefits, including but not limited to making illegal profits through resale, transfer, sub-authorization, etc.;
  5.1.8 Other infringements on legitimate interests.

  5.2 [Breach of contract handling]

   After discovers a breach of contract, it has the right to take one or more of the following measures:
  5.2.1 Take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect related information;
  5.2.2 Take measures including but not limited to suspending or terminating part or all of this service;
  5.2.3 If this service is suspended or terminated due to your breach of contract, does not need to refund any fees to you, and the losses in your account (including but not limited to user data and virtual The reduction or disappearance of the product, etc.) shall be borne by you, and you shall also compensate for the losses caused by (including but not limited to attorney fees, litigation fees, etc.).

  5.3 [Liability for compensation]

  If the user’s breach of contract caused and its affiliates to suffer losses, including its own direct economic loss, loss of goodwill, and compensation paid, settlement payments, attorney fees, litigation fees, etc. For indirect economic losses, the user should compensate and its affiliates for all the above-mentioned losses.
  If your breach of contract causes any third party damage, you should be solely responsible for it. If pays compensation to a third party in advance due to any reason, you should pay the compensation to immediately after receiving the notice from .

6. [Important Statement]

  6.1 You understand and agree that the content uploaded, published or transmitted by users on the platform is the user’s personal behavior, and is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of such information and content. Responsibility for sex, availability, safety, integrity and legitimacy, but also no responsibility.

  6.2 If you come into contact with content that violates laws, regulations, makes people feel uncomfortable, even fear, or disgust, please contact for processing in time. Thank you very much for your assistance.

  6.3 When you use, copy, and reproduce related information and content (collectively referred to as "use behavior"), you should make independent judgments and use them legally. assumes no responsibility for damages and damages to third parties.

  6.4 Due to non- subjective reasons such as communication line failures, network or computer failures, system instability, force majeure, etc. of the telecommunications and Netcom departments, the loss or reduction of your account, account properties, etc., 6. Yikuxin does not assume any responsibility.

  6.5 Due to the necessity of meeting legal compliance requirements or due to force majeure, may modify, change, interrupt or terminate some or all of its services, change, delete, transfer user storage, and publish In the content of (collectively referred to as the "change behavior"), in this case, will notify you of the aforementioned change behavior as much as possible in advance. However, due to the characteristics of the Internet, some changes cannot be notified to you or can not be notified in advance (including but not limited to: content that needs to be deleted or changed due to illegal, illegal, or policy-violating content). You understand that New does not need to bear any responsibility to you or to any third party.

7. [Intellectual Property Rights]

  7.1 is the owner of the intellectual property rights of . (including as a whole and all contents, components or elements involved in ) all copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, commercial Secrets and other intellectual property rights and other legal rights, as well as all information related to (including text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, interface design, layout framework, related data or electronic documents, etc.) Under the protection of the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the corresponding international treaties concluded by the People's Republic of China, enjoys the above intellectual property rights and legal rights, except for the rights that the relevant right holders should enjoy in accordance with the law. Without prior written consent, you may not combine (including as a whole and all content and composition involved in in any way Part or component) for commercial use.

  7.2 may involve third-party intellectual property rights. If the third-party right holder has requirements for your use of such intellectual property rights based on this agreement, will appropriately Way to inform you of this requirement, you should comply with it together.

8. [Suspension, Termination and Change of Service]

  8.1 The suspension or termination of this service includes the following situations:

  8.1.1 You voluntarily suspend or terminate, including but not limited to failure to renew upon expiration;
  8.1.2 You have breached the contract, and takes the initiative to suspend or terminate the service;
  8.1.3 suspends or terminates the service in accordance with the requirements of the state or relevant departments or the occurrence of force majeure events;
  8.1.4 Other circumstances in which the service should be suspended or terminated in accordance with laws, regulations, policies, or the requirements of the competent authority, or as stipulated in this agreement.

  8.2 After suspending or terminating the service, has the right but no obligation to ensure that you receive special reminders or notifications. When you find that you cannot log in or enjoy the service, you can consult our customer service staff.

  8.3 When the suspension or termination of the 8.1 clause occurs:

  8.3.1 Except for the responsibilities stipulated by law, will not assume any responsibility for you or any third party;
  8.3.2 Except as specifically stipulated in this agreement, the fees collected will not be refunded;
  8.3.3 Retain relevant user data information for a certain period of time;
  8.3.4 For ongoing platform transactions, will make a reasonable judgment based on the situation, whether to continue or terminate the relevant transaction, and decide whether to refund the fee or deduct the relevant fee as a liquidated damage according to the situation.

  8.4 For possible changes to this agreement or rules (including but not limited to the modification of this agreement, adjustment of service rules, adjustment of membership rights, etc.), will notify you accordingly in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, Please read carefully and choose whether to continue to choose this service in accordance with this agreement/service rules/member rights after adjustment and/or change. If you agree to the above adjustments and/or changes, you can take the form of accepting the service for the next step or continue to use the service to indicate that you have accepted the above adjustments and/or changes; if you do not agree to the adjustments and/or changes, we It is recommended that you stop using this service immediately. If you have any questions about the above adjustments and/or changes, you can consult customer service.

9. [Notice]

   will send all kinds of notices under this agreement to users in a reasonable manner as possible according to the actual situation, including one or more of the following delivery methods: site message, client Push, use mobile phone text messages, regular mail delivery, or other methods permitted by law. You agree and understand that the notice under this agreement is deemed to have been delivered to the user on the date of delivery.
  In order to make it easier for you to receive and understand the relevant notices, you should ensure that the reserved contact information is correct and effective, and log in to to modify it in time after the change; if you have not Provide correct contact information, or fail to notify the new contact information in time, resulting in the inability to receive the notice in time, and you will bear the resulting losses and legal consequences. At the same time, if you reject or block the notification by unsubscribing or actively blocking, you may not be able to receive the aforementioned notification, and you will be responsible for the resulting losses and legal consequences.

10. [Others]

  10.1 [Effectiveness of the agreement]

  When you take the form of accepting the service for the next step, use or continue to use the service, it means that you have read and agreed to be bound by this agreement and the revised agreement.

  10.2 [Place where the agreement was signed]

  This agreement is signed in Minhang District, Shanghai, People's Republic of China.

  10.3 [Applicable law]

  The establishment, entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws).

  10.4 [Dispute Resolution]

   If any dispute or dispute arises between you and regarding this service or its implementation, it shall first be settled through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the place where this agreement was signed The jurisdiction of the people's court.

  10.5 [Title of Terms]

  The headings of all the terms of this agreement are for reading convenience only. They have no actual meaning and cannot be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this agreement.

  10.6 [Validity of Terms]

  No matter the terms of this agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.
   (end of text)